Global Refuge Bracket Challenge

Yep, it’s that time of year again… reserve that seat on the couch, get your brackets filled out and practice your chip dipping technique because folks it’s….March Madness season!

Here at GRI we thought we’d jump on the March Madness bandwagon by putting our own spin on the excitement and helping some people in the process.

We are holding the first annual GRI March Madness Pool to raise money to sponsor malaria medics in Uganda. For every $2000 raised we can sponsor 1 medic for 1 year. That medic provides much needed care and treatment to 1000 people – more than all the players participating in March Madness combined! Learn more about the Global Refuge Malaria Initiative here. Our goal for this My Part is to enlist you, your family and your friends to use GRI’s new spin on March Madness to help save lives.

The Challenge Breakdown

Global Refuge challenges you to use March Madness to help save lives from the number one killer in Uganda, Malaria. Enter a bracket (and hopefully a donation) into GRI’s pool and know that your bracket helped train a medic! The person with the winning entry will receive a unique gift from Uganda and be highlighted on our home page. How’s that for bragging rights?

Progress Bar

Keep track of how close we’re getting! Each section of the progress bar represents $100, and we need $2,000 to fully sponsor a medic!

Here’s how to play

Donate: You can give whatever you’d like! (Suggested minimum donation is $10, but no donation is required.)

Fill out your bracket. Click the button below to be taken to GRI’s bracket page. (The password is: “medic”)
But hurry, deadline is Thursday, March 15 at 12 noon EST! Click here for instructions on filling out the bracket.

(The password is: “medic”)

Share this page with your friends! Click one of the share buttons at the bottom of the page to tell your friends about how you entered the bracket challenge and get them to join too so we can all work together to save lives from Malaria!


Now sit back and enjoy the thrill of March Madness knowing you helped saved lives this March!
Check out GRI’s website on April 3rd to find out if you won GRI’s Bracket Challenge!